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How to Let Go of Debt Shame

Society of Grownups, 2/21/2018

Recently my sister opened up a little with me about her family’s finances and how tough things are. From what I’ve gleaned over the years, she’s held credit card debt and student loans since her college days, but she doesn’t usually reveal much to me, and I don’t pry. ...

After our conversation, I got curious about the silence around money. Why is talking about money so hard? What are the first steps to tackling financial insecurities? And do DIY plans for how to pay off credit cards really work?

I checked in with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, a wealth psychology expert, founder of KBK Wealth Connection, and author of Breaking Money Silence: How to Shatter Money Taboos, Talk More Openly about Finances, and Live a Richer Life...

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How To Be Open With Your Partner About Money

WVXU, 2/8/2018

Numerous studies show most of us would rather talk about death, politics or religion than talk about financial matters. And it can be an even touchier subject for couples to discuss.

In her latest book, “Breaking Money Silence,” Kathleen Burns Kingsbury says there’s a high cost, personally and financially, to this reluctance to discuss the issues surrounding money.

She joins us, along with Chris DeSimio, a Financial Advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors in Cincinnati, to talk about the importance of breaking the money taboo and how to get the conversation going.

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Breaking the Last Taboo: Talking Money With Our Partners

Nerd Wallet, 1/7/2018

When it comes to cash, couples are bedeviled by a lack of candor. Studies from around the world show that people are more comfortable talking about sex, politics and death than their finances. But if we can’t shake the money talk taboo with our partner, we’re putting that relationship in peril, research suggests.

[...]Yet we largely remain silent on the subject until the shouting starts. Why is the money talk so hard? “There’s a lot of money shame in our society,” says psychologist and financial planner Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, author of the recent book “Breaking Money Silence.”

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How Can I Stop Fighting With My Boyfriend About Our Bills?

The Cut*, 12/18/2017

Charlotte Cowles, the Money Mom, answers the question: Is there truly a peaceful way as a couple to handle the bills every month and make it feel fair and equal to both of us?

*The Cut is part of the New Yorker Magazine.

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How to avoid holiday spending stress

WCAX, 12/2017

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) Many view the holiday season as a time to be grateful for friends, family and the good things in life, but a report from the financial company Affirm found more than 60-percent of people view holiday spending as a source of fighting and tension with family.

Eva McKend spoke with wealth psychology expert & author Kathleen Burns Kingsbury about how to leave behind holiday spending stress this year.
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Ep 86: Master Your Money Mindset With Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Her Money, 11/2017

If anything’s a taboo on this show, it’s not talking about money. But for nearly half of Americans, they’d rather talk about politics, religion or death before discussing anything related to personal finance. That’s why we brought in Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, wealth psychology expert and author of the new book Breaking Money Silence: How to Shatter Money Taboos, Talk More Openly about Finances, and Live a Richer Life. Because, as she says, in a world where money can grant self-worth, power, respect, freedom and even love, there can be prices to pay for money silence.
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Financial advice industry must give 'soft skills' the credit they deserve

Investment News, 11/13/2017

Almost half​ of Americans say the most difficult topic to discuss with others is personal finance; they would rather discuss death, politics or religion. This social taboo against talking openly and honestly with loved ones contributes to 50% of first marriages ending in divorce, 70% of families failing to successfully pass down wealth to future generations and 69% of parents feeling more comfortable talking with their teens about sex than investing. While advisers are uniquely positioned to bust open this money-talk taboo with their clients, many in the industry believe discussing the emotional side of money is nice but not necessary. The result is an industry plagued with money silence and woefully unprepared to assist clients and their families with this type of dialogue.
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How couples can overcome financial incompatibility

CNBC, 11/7/2017

How comfortable you are talking about money with your partner can make or break your relationship.

The good news is that there are definite steps that couples can take to improve their financial compatibility, according to Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, a wealth psychology expert.

The subject of money is still taboo for many. That inspired Kingsbury to write a new book titled "Breaking Money Silence." The book covers the ways in which couples and individuals can improve how they think and talk about money.
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7 tips for talking to your aging parents about money

The PBS News Hour, 10/23/2017

Fifty-four percent of adults admit that they would rather talk to their kids about sex than their parents about aging. The reasons for avoiding this money talk vary, but in general adult children don’t want to appear greedy or overbearing by asking mom and dad about their finances. Conversely, aging parents don’t want to admit that they may need help as their physical and emotional health inevitably declines. It seems no one wants to talk about death, dying or the financial realities that come with aging.
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Setting Limits With the Boomerang Generation

CapTrust, 10/16/2017

When I graduated from college in 1988, I never considered moving back in with my parents. My goal was to get a job, find an apartment, and start living in the real world. All my friends had the same goal: to leave the proverbial parental nest. But times have changed. Today, 63 percent of millennials move back home after finishing school, and 74 percent receive financial support from their parents after college graduation.[1,2] Like a boomerang, parents launch their kids—only to find them bouncing back into their nest.
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Episode 30: Breaking Money Silence - with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

The MoneyZen Podcast, 10/5/2017

“Money is the oil that greases the wheels of society, but oil is filthy sticky stuff and we should clean our hands of it before coming out in polite society.” And so starts Kathleen Burns Kingsbury’s delightful new book, Breaking Money Silence. In this podcast we discuss why the money talk is so taboo, the cost of staying silent about money, and common myths about both women and men when it comes to their relationships with money..
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3 Tips For Raising Financially Fit Parents

Forbes, 10/03/2017

Given the increase in longevity due to medical advances, caring for an aging parent is likely to be in your clients’ futures (if not your own). Here are three tips to proactively discussing financial matters with an aging parent that you can share with your clients.
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17 Essential Money Tips for Married Couples

Time.com, 5/15/2017

Your upbringing colors how you handle and view money. If you often squabble about finances, try to figure out why your partner saves and spends the way he or she does, says Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, author of How to Give Financial Advice to Couples.
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Here’s How Talking About Money Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Forbes, 2/13/2017

There’s one powerful technique for improving your finances that many people still haven’t tried—and that’s talking about money. Whether it’s scheduling a discussion with your boss to jump start a salary boost or having a candid money conversation with your friends, opening your mouth can have a strong impact—if you do it right.
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Madame Noire

How to Unapollegetically Negotiate Your Worth in the Workplace

Madame Noire, 5/10/2016

Nicki Minaj recently declared in an interview with Time that women should be “unapologetic” about asking for more money in their professions. “One thing I learned along the way in business is the necessity for you to be unapologetic about asking for how much money you deserve,” she told the magazine. “At a very early stage in my rap career, I was making six figures for shows…If I heard there was another rapper making that, I thought, ‘you know what? I get out there and demand or command a crowd. I get out there and make my fans happy. I get out there and give a real show. I want that, too.’ And I pushed myself to be better with my showmanship, but I also decided, you know what? I want to be compensated well.”
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