BMO – Women and Wealth

By October 6, 2017

Date: October 25, 2017

BMO – Women and Wealth

October 25, 2017

Almost half of Americans say that the most difficult topic to discuss with others is personal finance and that they would rather discuss death, politics, or religion. This societal money taboo is ruining marriages and families, bankrupting businesses, and making it almost impossible for the next generation to be healthy around money. It also especially harms women who have long been striving for gender parity

In this interactive and engaging keynote presentation, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury explains the high price women and families pay when they avoid financial conversations and offers practical tips and tools so you can break money silence in your life.

Attend and discover:

  • The high price women pay when they don’t proactively discuss finances
  • How common gender stereotypes may prevent you from taking action to plan for your financial future
  • What action you can take today to begin engaging in healthy money talks with your partner, your parents, and your children.

All participants receive a copy of the book, Breaking Money Silence: How to Shatter Money Taboos, Talk More Openly, and Live a Richer Life (forthcoming September 30, 2017).