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Breaking Money Silence

Make Peace with Money

A Step-by-Step Guide for Talking about Personal Finances

Breaking Money Silence® is the first book to offer a comprehensive look at the problems associated with our society’s long-standing taboo against talking openly about money—and to provide practical solutions for ending money silence in your life for good.

After reading this book, you will be able to…

  • Identify the roadblocks that make talking about money and finance challenging
  • Understand how your gender impacts your ability to discuss money matters
  • Engage in money talk with your partner, parents, siblings, and children
  • Proactively plan for a safe and secure financial future
  • Advocate for yourself and demand that your financial services providers join the Breaking Money Silence® Revolution

Each chapter ends with a Money Talk Challenge, a coaching exercise to help you put what you learned into action. Also included are special Money Talk Challenge activities for financial services professionals.

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Kathleen has an amazing gift for empowering people to a better path. Her book will offer you various ways to connect with your family to have meaningful conversations about money. If you're an advisor, you'll want to use some of her suggestions to help you facilitate better money discussions with your clients. Either way, it's a must read!

Deena Katz, CFP, LHDPersonal Financial Planning Professor, Texas Tech University

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury’s informed and insightful wisdom will guide you to articulate your money story, and enjoyably inspire you to achieve personal and financial transformation.

David Krueger, MDExecutive Mentor Coach and Author, The Secret Language of Money

Kingsbury shines a spotlight on the real price that we all pay from believing these money taboos and keeping quiet about money matters. Many books solely focus on the plight of women, but Kingsbury smartly points out that money silence is an equal opportunity issue that affects both sexes and even financial advisors that we mistakenly believe have the highest emotional money IQ of all. Rarely will a book change your life and give you the tools you deserve for a richer life—this is one of those books.

Stacy Francis, CFP®, CDFA™, CES™President and CEO, Francis Financial, Inc. and Founder, Savvy Ladies™